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  • They say   Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. 
  • I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Living there since then.
  • I am a senior student at Alexandria University, majoring Software Engineering.
  • I am a digital content creator, mainly on Youtube platform.
  • Music, Coffee, Sea side, Tennis, and Books, are the joy of my life.
  • Now, we are strangers no more. Follow up, friend.  

Like your body, your mind also gets tired, so refresh it by wise sayings.


Software Development Engineer - Intern
Amazon Web Services (Aug. - Oct. 2020)

Contributed to AWS Billing team through a Virtual Internship by creating a framework that simplifies interaction with AWS Step Functions, redefined my team’s workflows using AWS CDK, and integrated my team’s old CDK constructs with the workflow’s pipeline.

Software Engineer - Intern
Microsoft | Bing team (July - Sep. 2019)

Contributed to Bing for Commerce by automating Search Tries generation in it's pipeline, automated the deployment of an auto-commit Azure Function, created a configurable auto-scaling mechanism for cloud entities based on a message queue capacity in an event-driven architecture, and migrated a monolithic service in the serving side to a micro-services architecture based on Azure Service Fabric.

Web Developer Intern
SRTA-City (Jan. - Feb. 2019)

Responsible for Web client in PI-Floor project. An educational floor interactive game that allows students to answer questions while playing around.

Web Development Instructor
IEEE SC (Feb. 2019)

Guided 16 candidates to learn the web development basics, and make their own websites, through 6 sessions of intensive web development course.

Web Development Course

Personal Projects

Technical Skills:



Microsoft Hackathon
Won 2nd place in Microsoft's internal local Hackathon, over 9 more projects made by Full-time employees and Interns.

The second place team holding prizes

Youtube Award
Awarded Youtube silver play button for digital content creation, in less than two years.

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